Question: Is there PvP in Warframe?

Warframe currently offers two options to face another player in combat: PvP in one of the Conclaves.

Can you 1v1 in Warframe?

Versus (previously known as Conclave until Update 16.0 (2015-03-19)) is a PvP game mode in WARFRAME for 1v1, 1v2, and 2v2 combat, much like dueling in the Clan Dojo. Unlike dueling, Conclave is restricted to players with similar Conclave Score.

Is Warframe only PvP?

Warframe is a PvE-Game. If you want PvP, you should look for another game. Its as easy as that.

Is Loki good Warframe 2021?

Loki Build 2021 Guide Warframe. Loki is a stealthy trickster, capable of hiding himself and confusing enemies with his unique abilities. He is a great Warframe when it comes to infiltration and tactical missions and can deal a lot of damage while remaining unnoticed by enemies.

Is Warframe still fun?

Overall, its fun, creative, and a bit insane. It even has a good enough story to keep you connected, and it boasts a great, fast-paced gameplay o keep you challenged. Warframe is entirely free-to-play.

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