Question: Where do most Serbians live?

The majority of Serbs live in their nation state of Serbia, as well as in Bosnia and Herzegovina, Croatia, Montenegro, and Kosovo. They also form significant minorities in North Macedonia and Slovenia.

Where do most Serbians live in Australia?

Serbs reside mainly in state capitals and major metropolitan areas throughout Australia. The largest Serbian communities can be found predominantly in Melbournes western and south-eastern suburbs, and in Sydneys south-eastern suburbs.

How many Serbians are in Melbourne?

Australian census figures then inaccurately identified former Yugoslav groups such as Croatian, Montenegrin, Slovene, Kosovar, Macedonian and South Hungarian by language and ancestry. The 1996 census indicated that 90% of Victorias 4000 Serbs and 2000 second-generation Serbs were living in Melbourne.

When did Serbians migrate to Australia?

Serbian Culture Nonetheless, there have been three main waves of migration to Australia. The first occurred in the post-WWII period, consisting primarily of displaced persons, while the second wave in the 1960s and 1970s largely involved people who were migrating due to an economic crisis in Yugoslavia.

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