Question: Who was first to make offer on Dragons Den?

Founder Denise Hutton-Gosney pitched her dance schools to the Dragons back in 2007. She secured an investment of £50,000 from Duncan Bannatyne. With the dragons support, the Cumbria-based company was able to launch all over the UK and abroad.

Who was the first Dragons on Dragons Den?

For this first season of Dragons Den, the panel of five dragons featured Duncan Bannatyne, Rachel Elnaugh, Simon Woodroffe, Peter Jones and Doug Richard, and they prove to be a suitably hard group to impress.

Who is the most successful Dragons Den contestant?

The most successful Dragons Den contestants everLevi Roots. Reggae Reggae sauce has proven extremely popular over the years (Picture: Courtesy of Magic Whiteboard. Magic Whiteboard is now stocked in offices around the world (Picture: Courtesy of Skinny Tan. Wonderbly.13 May 2021

Who invests the most on Dragons Den?

According to Merchant Money: The Dragon ho invested the most times per episode was Theo Paphitis, with 42 investments over 78 episodes. He was closely followed by Peter Jones, James Caan and Deborah Meaden, who all invested, on average, once in every two episodes.

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