Question: How do you use the wild app?

A: It is super easy. Users just need to sign up and upload a photo with a suggested gesture to get verified. Then they can click “Heart” to like and “X” to pass, when there is a mutual match, they can chat for free immediately.

Does wild app really work?

While using the app it became pretty clear that there werent many real people using it and I also found that the users here werent the type that Id be looking to match with. Having used other apps that have both a ton of users and attractive women (like AFF) Be Wild really didnt come off well at all.

What is the wild app?

The Wild app lets you see and manage all of your teams, projects and assets, and gives you access to The Wild desktop viewer.

Is Wild meet legit?

This website markets itself as the #1 dating chat website, tricks people by flooding them with automated messages and charges people to reply. It masquerades as a legitimate website, but people have to pay to find that theres nothing legitimate about it at all.

How much does wild app cost?

Download the OFFICIAL Wild Dating app and start browsing, chatting & dating for free now! Current Wild VIP Service subscription price starts at $29.99 USD/month. If you choose to purchase Wild VIP, payment will be charged to iTunes Account at confirmation of purchase.

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