Question: How many Croatians are there in Melbourne?

In 2016, the census recorded 15,489 Croatia-born people in Victoria. Living predominantly in Melbourne and Geelong, most members of this community are Catholic; a large proportion speaks Croatian at home. Many are employed as tradespeople and related workers within the manufacturing and construction industries.

How many Croatians are in Victoria?

Christianity was the most common religion reported in Victoria, accounting for just under half the States population – 2.8 million people, down from 3 million in 2011.

Where are the most Croatians?

According to estimates from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and European Integration last year, around 1.2 million people of Croatian descent are living in the USA. The most are based in the States of Pennsylvania, Illinois and Ohio in Pittsburgh, Chicago and Cleveland, as well as in California.

How many Christians are in Melbourne?

Derived from the Census question:Religion - SummaryGreater Melbourne - Total persons (Usual residence)20162011Christian total2,075,00155.8Non Christian total593,30011.8Non-classifiable religious belief29,1830.94 more rows

What percentage of Victorians live in Melbourne?

70 percent More than 70 percent of Victorians live in Melbourne, the states capital city. Victoria is the smallest mainland state – about the same size as Britain.

Why do Croatians have big heads?

Medieval Croatian skulls indicate that people intentionally modified their head shapes. Its extremely elongated toward the back, resulting in an egg shape. As a curious crowd gathers, you see that there are other people in the crowd whose heads are deformed in a different way.

Why did Serbians migrate to Australia?

During the time of Federation a very small number of Serbs inhabited Australia. The developing political and economic issues in Yugoslavia during the 1980s, alongside its disintegration, ensuing wars, economic sanctions, and hyperinflation of the 1990s, resulted in the largest Serbian migration to Australia.

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