Question: Why does it take so long to find a DOTA game?

Does Turbo increase behavior score?

For each completed games, your behavior score increases slowly, commended or not, winning or not. It seems to increase about the same amount as a classic Dota match, BUT Turbo games last about 1/3 of the time of a classic Dota match. And so, your behavior score increases much faster by playing Turbo games.

What is a good Dota 2 behavior score?

between 9,000 and 10,000 What Is a Good Behavior Score in Dota 2? Your behavior score gets adjusted with your conduct summary. The maximum score you can get is 10,000. A good behavior score is between 9,000 and 10,000, whereas players with a decent score have over 8,000 points.

Why is my FPS capped at 60 Dota 2?

Disabling certain conflicting apps on Windows 10 such as the Xbox app, may cap the FPS to 60 on your device. Disable Vsync from your GPU driver: Set FPS_max in the console to 120. Turn off the VSync.

What is the best FPS for Dota 2?

For our purposes, we aim for a very smooth 60+ FPS with the graphical settings turned to the highest. If youre willing to lower any graphical settings, or youre happy with framerates lower than 60 FPS, you can get by with an even lower-tier PC.

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