Question: Who is Phoebes boyfriend in Season 8?

Alec Baldwin Before playing the hilariously conservative and backhanded Jack Donaghy on 30 Rock, Baldwin appeared on two episodes of season 8 as Phoebes boyfriend Parker, who just gets a kick out of everything and everyone — even showing verbal affection for a picture of Monicas dead dog.

Who played Phoebes boyfriends on friends?

Friends: Phoebes Boyfriends, Ranked1 Mike. Monica and Chandler better take a seat, because Phoebe and Mike are here to claim the title of the most awesome couple in all the land.2 David. David, David, David. 3 Vince. Vince came along at a time when Phoebe was torn. 4 Gary. 5 Ryan. 6 Rob Donan. 7 Eric. 8 Roger. More items •9 Oct 2019

Who played Phoebes boyfriend in Season 9?

16. The One With The Boob Job. Phoebe asks her boyfriend, Mike (recurring guest star PAUL RUDD), to move in with her, but coming so close to married life might cause trouble in their relationship. Meanwhile, since Monica and Chandler are financially unstable, she secretly asks Joey for a large loan.

Who is the shrink Phoebe dates?

Roger. Roger is a psychiatrist that Phoebe dates in The One With The Boobies. Initially bemused by the wacky, quirky, goofy personalities of the friends, he eventually causes them to take a dislike to him by being too analytical about their personality and psychological issues.

Who was Alec Baldwin on friends?

Parker Alec Baldwin plays Parker, Phoebes boyfriend, for 2 episodes beginning with The One With The Tea Leaves.

Who was Chandler Bings mom?

Nora Tyler Bing Chandler BingFamilyCharles Bing (father) Nora Tyler Bing (mother)SpouseMonica Geller ​ ( m. 2001)​ChildrenJack and Erica BingRelativesJack Geller (father-in-law) Judy Geller (mother-in-law) Ross Geller (brother-in-law) Ben Geller (nephew) Emma Geller-Green (niece) Edna (aunt)11 more rows

Who was Phoebes boyfriend in season 1?

In the first season of Friends, Fisher Stevens played Phoebes (Lisa Kudrow) psychiatrist boyfriend Roger who uses his analytical powers for evil, acting like a huge jerk to all six of the titular friends.

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