Question: What does alias mean in a background check?

Aliases are different names or permutations of the same name associated with a candidate. When applicable, Checkr uses aliases to identify records under names that differ from the candidates current legal name, thus increasing the comprehensiveness of the background check report.

What are alias names used for?

The Online 1911 Encyclopedia says: ALIAS - (Latin for another time; or otherwise) a term used to connect the different names of a person who has passed under more than one, in order to conceal his identity, or for other reasons; or, compendiously, to describe the adopted name.

What is an alias in criminal law?

An alias is a name used other than the given name of a person, which may be an attempt to hide his/her identity. In criminal law, court and police records may list aliases of a person, along with their given name.

What is an alias report?

In credit reporting terms, an Alias is a record of another name you may have been known by in the past (or may still be known by) and is usually created when one of your lenders reports a change of name to the Credit Reference Agencies.

What is the purpose of an alias email?

Email aliases are a helpful way for individuals to receive mail sent to another address all in one place. For instance, aliases are useful for sales and support staff who want a memorable, public email address. You can also use an email alias to send emails from a different address or alias.

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