Question: Is it cheaper to have an au pair or babysitter?

Is having an au pair cheaper than daycare?

The average total au pair cost comes to $360 per week for 45 hours of childcare, regardless of how many children you have. But according to Becky Manicone, more important than the au pair cost is the quality of childcare you get and the relationships you build with your au pairs: “We love our au pairs!

How much do au pairs charge for babysitting?

Au pairs are generally paid between £100 to £150 per week. However, an au pair plus may have more extensive childcare experience, and will therefore require a higher weekly salary, £150 to £200 per week for up to 35 hours per week.

How much does it cost to host an au pair?

Room and board. Weekly stipend based on the program option selected (Standard Au Pair - minimum of $195.75; EduCare Au Pair - minimum of $146.81)* $500 or $1,000 educational stipend .Host Family Must Also Provide:Standard Au PairEducare Au PairProgram FeeStandard Au Pair$8,900Educare Au Pair$8,100

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