Question: How old is Athena from shes dating the gangster?

It all started when 17-year-old Athena Dizon unwittingly plays a trick on resident heartthrob and bad boy, Kenji de los Reyes.

What happened to Athena in Shes dating the gangster?

Athena tells Kenji about her disease for the first time and tells him that his love kept her alive through those years. She says she is happy for Kenji and dies in his arms.

What language is shes dating the gangster in?

English TagalogFilipino Shes Dating the Gangster/Languages

What is the description of Shes dating the gangster?

Athena Dizon plays a trick on campus heartthrob and bad boy, gangster, Kenji de los Reyes. Setting up an arrangement to pretend as lovers-to make his ex jealous-they found themselves falling to each other yet falling apart.

What is the settings of Shes dating the gangster?

Set in the year 2006, the plot revolves around Athena and Kenji. Kenji initially asks Athena to pretend to be his girlfriend to get his ex-girlfriend with the same name jealous. The two dont expect to fall in love, but as they became closer, their love is put to the test.

Who is the author of Shes dating a gangster?

Carmi Raymundo Charlene Grace Bernardo Shes Dating the Gangster/Screenplay

How old is Kathryn?

25 years (March 26, 1996) Kathryn Bernardo/Age Kathryn Chandria Manuel Bernardo (born March 26, 1996) is a Filipina actress who became known for her role as Mara in the TV series Mara Clara (2010–2011). People Asia hailed her as the box office queen of her generation. She currently is the only Filipino actress with two films earning more than P800 million each.

How old is Daniel Padilla now?

26 years (April 26, 1995) Daniel Padilla/Age

What is the beginning of the story shes dating the gangster?

It all started when 17-year-old Athena Dizon unwittingly plays a trick on resident heartthrob and bad boy, Kenji de los Reyes. All of a sudden, she finds herself pretending—unwillingly at that—to be his girlfriend to make his ex jealous.

Who is dating Daniel Padilla?

Kathryn Bernardo Daniel Padilla/Partner

Is Kathryn pregnant?

Kathryn Thomas has said she is “over the moon” to announce that shes pregnant with her second child. The TV presenter took to Instagram to share the exciting news as she posted a gorgeous snap of her and her daughter Ellie.

Daniel Padilla and Julia Barretto are friends. Not cousins.

How tall is Kathryn?

1.57 m Kathryn Bernardo/Height

Who is Kathryn Dennis dating in 2021?

Kathryn Dennis and Chleb Ravenell are still going strong! The couple celebrated their 1-year anniversary of dating on Saturday, which the 29-year-old Southern Charm star honored with a special Instagram post.

What season is Kathryn pregnant?

The former Southern Charm costars welcomed daughter Kensie at the end of season 1 in 2014. As the duos on-off relationship continued, Dennis got pregnant for the second time in 2015.

Is Julia Barretto still a Kapamilya?

Julia Barretto - The actress signed with Viva Artists Agency in September 2020, leaving Star Magic, which had managed her career since she started in showbiz. She confirmed her transfer to TV5 in July 2020, where she hosted now-defunct talk show Chika, Besh and is now hosting the game show Fill in the Bank.

How tall is Julia Barretto in feet?

1.65 m Julia Barretto/Height

Are Madison and Kathryn still friends?

The two have remained friends over the years but never had a serious relationship. It was revealed during season 6 of the Bravo show, which aired in 2019, that Kathryn again hooked up with Whitney, although he denied that the incident ever happened for multiple episodes.

Are Kathryn and Patricia Still friends 2021?

Altschul and Dennis reconciled last season and re-formed a bond after years of being on the outs. “Were friends, close friends,” Altschul told ET in May 2019. “Thats kind of the beauty of life.

Who is the father of Julia Montes baby?

Martin Schnittka In December 2016, Montes was reunited with her birth father, Martin Schnittka, at Bellinis, Cubao, Quezon City. She revealed via Instagram about her encounter with her father and expressed gratitude towards her German cousin Michelle Lloyd and CocoJul Bukayo fans for paving the way to meet him.

Who Is Julia Barrettos dad?

Dennis Padilla Julia Barretto/Fathers

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