Question: Can you meet people on plenty of fish without paying?

Is POF free? No, its not free. You can have access to the free online dating site, and free dating app features upon initial registration. However, premium services are only available as part of a paid membership.

How can I use plenty of fish without paying?

What do I get with a free POF membership?Your profile creation.You can add 8 photos on your profile.You can view other members profiles.You can send messages to other members.You can receive messages from other members.28 Jul 2019

Is messaging free on Plenty of Fish?

Premium Extras. Plenty of Fish trumpets its number of conversations for one main reason—messaging anyone is free on the app. That doesnt mean POF is not going to ask for your money, though. If someone likes you, the app prompts you to upgrade your account to see who it is.

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