Question: How do you install a 2 piece shower drain?

1- Unscrew the two plastic parts (there is no need to remove the grid). 2- Place the top part in the floor opening of the shower with the grid facing up. 3- Place the rubber gasket around the male thread under the shower, facing the shower floor. 4- Place the paper gasket between the rubber gasket and the bottom part.

Why does a shower require a 2 inch drain?

A 2-inch pipe is the recommended size because showers have a low threshold for flooding, and a 2-inch pipe helps the water drain faster than does a 1 1/2-inch pipe.

Can I use 1.5 for shower drain?

thanks. 1 1/2 is not allowed for a shower drain by most codes but i have seen many use a 2x1 1/2 bushing reducer when installing a shower where a tub used to be and the pipe was neveer changed to the correct size. with a full 2 drain the 1-2 times a year augering would probably go to once a year or less.

What is code for shower drain?

While a shower usually requires a 2-inch drain pipe, the vent pipe must be either 1 1/2 inches or 2 inches depending on local requirements. Be sure to double check this to see what the code is in your area.

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