Question: Is Winston-Salem a small town?

A Sense of Community Do you want the city life but a small-town feel? Then Winston-Salem is for you! With its dense suburban quality, lots of parks, and known as a safe place to live, many residents own their own homes and participate in community events that bring everyone together.

Is Winston-Salem a big city?

346.6 km² Winston-Salem/Area

Is Winston-Salem a town or a city?

Winston-Salem, city, port of entry, and seat of Forsyth county, in the Piedmont region of North Carolina, U.S. With High Point and Greensboro it forms the Piedmont Triad metropolitan area. Winston-Salem was created in 1913 from two towns originally 1 mile (1.6 km) apart.

Is Winston-Salem a walkable city?

Winston-Salem has an average Walk Score of 23 with 229,617 residents. The most walkable Winston-Salem neighborhoods are Downtown, Westend and Reynoldstown.

What city has the highest crime rate in North Carolina?

North Carolina Crime Index City RankRankCrime Index ▲City / Population1.145Walnut Creek, NC / 9622.253Whispering Pines, NC / 3,0233.255Badin, NC / 1,6084.295River Bend, NC / 3,151159 more rows

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