Question: Is Halifax a walkable city?

Halifax has a walk score of 70 and is classified as “very walkable” according to Getting across the harbor to Dartmouth, Nova Scotia, means taking a ride on the longest-running saltwater ferry service in North America and enjoying unobstructed views of the Halifax waterfront.

Is Halifax friendly?

And Canadas friendliest city? Halifax, says a recent poll, which placed the Nova Scotian capital among the fifteen friendliest on the planet. Another confirms its one of the worlds least snobby. Its certainly true that in Halifax, whoever you are, it wont take long for a stranger to strike up a conversation.

Is Halifax Nova Scotia worth visiting?

Nova Scotia is beautiful and well worth a visit. The south shore where you are thinking of going has many beautiful places, Halifax is well worth a trip, the Acadian shore (Grand Pre and west along Hwy 1) is rich in history, scenic and has a whole different flavour again.

Is Halifax a small city?

Halifax has all the perks of a city, but is as relaxed as a small town, full of hospitality and friendliness.

Do you need a car in Nova Scotia?

In Nova Scotia, most people find it necessary to own a car. If you need a car but do not own one, you can rent any kind of car.

What is Halifax known for food?

10 Foods to Try in NSWorld-Famous Digby Scallops. Wild blueberries - Oxford, Canadas Wild Blueberry Capital. The Donair - Halifaxs official food. Dulse - Grown in the Bay of Fundy. Oatcakes. Apples. Oysters. Rappie Pie - A traditional Acadian Dish.More items

How many days do you need to see Nova Scotia?

Generally speaking, here on TA we advise Travellers to allow 2 to 3 Weeks to explore any Canadian Geographic Region (The Maritimes - NB - PEI - NS being one) so with just 4 or 5 Days something has to give you are not really going to see much.

What food is Nova Scotia known for?

Everyone knows that Nova Scotia is world-famous for our lobster and that it is a must-try while visiting. From a traditional lobster dinner to a beach side lobster boil to lobster rolls, creamed lobster, lobster poutine and even lobster beer, Nova Scotia can quell your lobster cravings.

What is special about Halifax?

Halifax is the capital of Nova Scotia. It hosts the largest population east of Quebec City – 432,000 people at last count. Halifax has been around for a long time. The Halifax Explosion in 1917 was the worlds largest man-made explosion prior to Hiroshima.

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