Question: How big should my LDS dating profile be?

How long should a dating profile bio be?

How short you need to keep it depends on the platform. If its Tinder, 1–3 lines is all the space you have. If its more Hinge-style where they give you writing prompts, you have a little more wiggle room, but keep it to less than a paragraph overall.

How many selfies should a dating profile have?

4-6 photos are recommended for a dating profile. Yes, some apps require just one photo or allow up to 9-23 photos but that doesnt mean you should use the bar minimum or maximum. You will be judged by your worst photos so dont use bad ones. If you dont use enough, people might think you are a scammer, catfisher.

How many words should a dating profile be?

When creating a profile, it can feel overwhelming at first deciding what content to include. But do not fear — our data tells us that a popular bio is one that is short and snappy, around only 20 words!

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