Question: When do I switch off my match app?

What happens when your match subscription expires?

Once your subscription term ends, you wont be able to receive and respond to Messages anymore, but youll still be able to sign in to your account. Your profile and photos will remain visible, unless you choose to manually Hide them.

How do I temporarily disable match?

You can do so by clicking Manage my subscription. Click Suspend your profile under Help to the left of the page. Then click Suspend my account to confirm. Well send you an email to confirm.

Can I hide my Match profile?

On the Match app Tap on the “Profile” icon at the bottom of the screen. Tap on the gear icon at the top of your profile page. Under “Profile Visibility,” select the visibility you would like for your profile: Visible, Hidden, or Private Mode.

What happens when you deactivate Match?

3. How quickly does my information disappear from Match once I delete my account? Cancelling your membership wont immediately delete your profile and photos – they will stay on the service for a year, in case you have a change of heart (no pun intended) and want to sign up again.

Can you delete your match profile?

Hover over this avatar, located on the top right of any page. Then, click “My Account Settings”. Scroll down to the bottom of the page, and youll see a link that reads “To suspend or delete your account, click here.” At this point, youll need to choose whether to suspend or delete your account.

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