Question: Are there fake profiles on Christian Mingle?

Christianmingle is not a true dating site. Its a big scam. Dont believe its name! Its a typical scam site, a giant and evil money-making machine with mostly fake profiles and catfishers.

How safe is Christian Mingle?

ChristianMingle is a safe, fun, and efficient place to make a date, and thats reason enough for single women to jump on board. Plus, its free to create an account and send likes to people who share your interests.

Is Christian Mingle a hookup app?

ChristianMingle is an online dating website that caters specifically to Christian men and women who are looking for potential marriage partners, with their relationship revolving around God and their faith.

What is LDS dating?

LDS dating sites are designed to help you meet new people that practice the same religion and are ready for a long-term relationship. However, as exciting as these dating may seem, even with attractive and sexy profiles, most of them are replete with fake profiles that are out to catch fun or part with your money.

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