Question: Who invented table topics?

TableTopics is a conversation and icebreaker game that features a series of questions written on a stack of cards enclosed in a cube box. The game was created in 2002 by Cristy Clarke, and comes in 20 different varieties.

What is the meaning of table topics?

Table topics are topics on various subjects that are discussed by a group of people around a table. As practiced by Toastmasters International, the topics to be discussed are written on pieces of paper which are placed in a box in the middle of a table.

How many table topics are there?

The number of topics that you should prepare will depend on the size of your audience. For a large club (40 members+), about 12-15 topics should do. For a smaller club (below 30 members), 8-12 topics should be enough.

How do you play Table Topics game?

An easy way to play the game is to have everyone sit at a table – or cozy living room if that is an option – and pass around the cube that holds the 135 question cards. One player takes out a card and reads it to the group. The group then answers the question individually in a clockwise order.

What are the best Table Topics?

9 FUN TABLE TOPICS IDEAS Walking Dictionary. Life As an Object. Color Your World. Add-the-Caption. A Second Chance. The Day I Met Elvis. Home Is Where the Heart Is. Did You Know That I Once ?More items

How do you master Table Topics?

10 Tips for Terrific Table TopicsDont Panic. If you can, just stop caring about Table Topics. Buy Time. Go with the first little idea that comes into your head. Express an opinion, right at the start. Remember the rule of three. Remember the six honest serving men. Know when to stop. Prepare something in advance.More items

How do you become a Table Topics evaluator?

During the Table Topics session:Listen carefully to each speaker!Write down each speakers name.Notice where they are sitting in the room so that you can look at them and include them when you give your evaluation.Take notes on each speaker. Dont try to write everything down or you may get lost in your notes later.More items

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