Question: What are the rules for living in Abu Dhabi?

There are strict rules and regulations governing behaviour; dress should be conservative and modest, buying and consuming alcohol requires a licence, and living together without being married, conducting adultery and homosexual behaviour are illegal in Abu Dhabi.

Is it safe to live in Abu Dhabi?

While its generally safe to walk the streets, if youre a woman in the UAE, that comes with conditions. Apart from these restrictions, living in Abu Dhabi as a woman โ€“ or almost any other emirate, for that matter โ€“ is much the same as life in the west.

Can unmarried couple live together in Abu Dhabi?

The UAE Government announced changes in the countrys Islamic personal laws. As per the new rule, unmarried couples in UAE will now be permitted to stay together. The new move is an effort to improve the living standards of the residents in the country.

Is it easy to get a job in Abu Dhabi?

Living in the UAE without a job is very hard and getting a job is also quite hard โ€“ but that is not, in any way, a reflection of your capabilities and skills.

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