Question: Is Lumen dating site legit?

Lumen claims to be the first app-only dating service provider for people above 50 years old. All profiles undergo a strict verification process to ensure members that the app is a safe place to find lasting connections.

Is lumen a free dating site?

When it comes to making contact, the Lumen dating site can be used completely for free. Communications are limited to 6 new conversations a day in order to encourage better messages and less spam.

Is there a monthly fee with Lumen?

$249 for the Lumen device + 6 month subscription. $299 for the Lumen device + 12 month subscription.

Do you have to pay for Lumen Ohm?

How much do Lumen OHM courses cost? Standard pricing for Lumen OHM courses is $25 per student per section. This low-cost course support fee covers all costs for content, technology, and learning tools. It replaces the cost of textbooks and online access codes.

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