Question: Do all the geeks get makeovers?

In a twist that no one was expecting, Beauty & The Geek didnt have just one makeover today, but FOUR. Thats right, George, James, Locky and Alex all got a makeover today, but not Mitchell, because apparently this show hates him.

What episode do the geeks get a makeover?

The five remaining geeks are given a makeover that sees their style, fashion, hair and personality transformed from geek to chic. The beauties then auction off their new geeks for a date,

Did the fro go on Beauty and the Geek?

Beauty and the Geek contestant grocery store worker Sam, 23, lost his signature fro in an incredible transformation. Beauty and the Geeks second geek underwent an extreme makeover in Sunday nights episode of the reality series, lopping off his fro for a suave new look.

Who is the winner of Beauty and the Geek 2021?

Lachlan The finale of Beauty and the Geek has aired and we have a winner! Geek Lachlan and his Beauty Kiera were both crowned winners of the show, receiving $100,000 in prize money.

Who goes home on Beauty and the Geek?

Unfortunately, James, Jess, Aira and Sam were sent home. It was the penultimate episode of Beauty and the Geek so something big was bound to happen. Host Sophie Monk let the contestants know that not one, but two teams would be going home before the big finale on Tuesday night.

Are Josie and George still together?

But weeks after the shows finale, both the dancer and the cosplayer have confirmed their break up in lengthy Instagram posts. UPDATE ON GEORGE AND I: Are you still together? Josie went on to explain that since shes based in NSW and he in Victoria, distance played a part in their break up.

Are James and Jess Beauty and the Geek still together?

However (and some people may be disappointed to learn this) we are not currently dating. I dated Bryanna for a couple weeks after our elimination, but it was tricky to find time for each other, having to travel back and forth between Melbourne and Sydney twice, once for the pitches and again for the finale.

How many episodes of Beauty and the Geek 2021 are there?

On 16 September 2020, the series was revived for a seventh season by Nine Network at their 2021 Upfronts, with Sophie Monk as the new host .Beauty and the Geek AustraliaNo. of episodes61ProductionExecutive producerShine Australia - Marty BensonRunning time60 minutes (including commercials)17 more rows

Is Beauty and the Geek on Wednesday?

Beauty and the Geek airs Sunday at 7pm and continues Monday and Tuesday at 7.30pm on Nine and 9Now.

What is the aim of Beauty and the Geek?

What is Beauty and the Geek about? Beauty and the Geek will follow 10 Beauties and 10 Geeks through challenges where they will be tested on how well they work together. The aim is to learn from each other in the hopes of sparking a lifelong friendship or possibly romance.

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