Question: Is Drake Bell really married?

Is Drake Bell still married?

Drake Bell has announced he is married and has a son, just days before he is expected to be sentenced for felony attempted child endangerment and a misdemeanor charge of disseminating matter harmful to minors.

When did Drake Bell Get married?

2018 (Janet Von Schmeling) Drake Bell/Wedding dates In August 2020, his former girlfriend Melissa Lingafelt accused him of verbal and physical abuse during their three-year relationship in the late 2000s. Bell has denied the allegations. In July 2021, Bell revealed that he has been married since 2018 and has a son.

What has happened to Drake Bell?

An Ohio judge sentenced former Nickelodeon television star Drake Bell on Monday to two years of probation for child endangerment charges after the female victim who met him online and attended one of his concerts accused the actor of “grooming” her since she was 12.

Who is Drake Campana married to?

Janet Von Schmelingm. 2018 Drake Bell/Spouse

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