Question: Which country has the most Dota 2 players?

It is no surprise that China tops the list in this category with over $63,168,187.53 spread across 474 players. What surprises me the most is the number of players who have earned in millions.

How many Dota 2 players are there in the world?

7.6 million One of the biggest games on Steam With the number of monthly active users of DOTA 2 regularly exceeding 7.6 million.

Yep, Dota 2 popularity in China is through the roof! The total prize money awarded to Chinese Dota 2 players amounts to $62.3 million USD. 8 of the top 10 highest-earning pro teams in China are Dota 2 players. Additionally, China has 110 professional Dota 2 teams, 32 more than second-place Overwatch.

Who has the most games in Dota 2?

PlayersMost Matches PlayedRankPlayerMatches Played1stnard higga 19 hours from now26,0392ndDědeček 7 days ago23,0013rdMAG-NUM 16 hours from now22,9914th.᠌ 4 hours from now22,92995 more rows

This is kinda true, but since LoL is owned by Tencent in China, and being Tencent the game distributor of China, then LoL is more popular.

Is Dota bigger than LoL in China?

Actually league of legends are far holds more number player than dota 2 both in china and korea. Lol is founded by riot games whose acquinted by tencent , the largest technology enterprise in china which could give them impetus to better marketing league of legends at the entire of china.

Who is the least played Dota 2 hero?

10 Least Used DotA 2 HeroesArc Warden. Being the first one in the list, Arc Warden has the lowest pick rate in the game with only 0.60%. Oracle. Oracle has the second lowest picking rate in the game with a score of 1.54%. Chen. Visage. Winter Wyvern. Elder Titan. Io. Earth Spirit.More items •Apr 8, 2016

Dota 2 heroes with the highest pick rates1) Pudge. Pudge gains extra HP through Flesh Heap (Image via Valve) 2) Phantom Assassin. Phantom Assassin has the best Dota 2 critical strike ability (Imae via Valve) 3) Invoker. 4) Sniper. 5) Lion. 6) Juggernaut. 7) Faceless Void. 8) Axe.More items •Jun 15, 2021

League is much more intuitive and rewards you for your mechanics and control more where as dota seems to reward you for memorizing timings and meticulous play. It also seems that league battles last much longer and there is more poking and prodding mind game type stuff due to the lower burst damage.

Is DOTA a Chinese game?

In October 2012, Chinese game publisher Perfect World announced they had received distribution rights for the game in the country. Three years later, Nexon announced they would no longer be operating servers for Dota 2, with Valve taking over direct distribution and marketing of the game in those regions.

One thing you have to remember is that dota (wc3) was not even common in Korea, so there wasnt a large player base like in China and EU. By the time dota2 came out and arrived in Korea, LoL was long established there, with most of the top LoL teams being from Korea.

Who is drow ranger?

Traxex Traxex, the Drow Ranger, is a ranged agility hero whose greatest assets are her incredible damage and ability to keep threats at bay. Traxex is a carry who, though lacking survivability, provides a worthwhile contribution through her damage alone.

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