Question: How can you tell real Hull pottery?

Hull lovers can identify many of the artware lines by the mold/size numbers. For example, Bow Knot pieces carry a B followed by a mold number and then a size. Some artware pieces have a mold and size number, but no letter designation.

How do I know if my pottery is Hull?

Know that Hull pottery has two sets of markings: pre-1950 and post-1950. The pre-1950 pieces are marked: HULL USA AND HULL ART USA and may have a paper label as well. Post-1950 pieces are marked: HULL in large script or block lettering.

What is Hull pottery made of?

Hull. The Hull Pottery Companys early lines consisted of common utilitarian stoneware, semi-porcelain dinnerware and decorative tile.

Does clay pots contain lead?

CLAY, LIKE EVERYTHING, IS MADE UP OF CHEMICALS Clays almost never contain lead because the processes of formation were different. The clay itself is made up a wide variety of naturally occurring chemicals. If a pot isnt glazed, it almost certainly does not contain lead.

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