Question: What can you do with your boyfriend in KL?

Where can I go with my boyfriend in KL?

Petronas Twin Towers. 30,108. Architectural Buildings. Aquaria. 6,218. Aquariums. KLCC Park. 13,082. Parks. Royal Selangor Visitor Centre. 2,342. Visitor Centres. Kuala Lumpur Bird Park. 7,960. Nature & Wildlife Areas • Parks. Menara Kuala Lumpur. 8,641. Observation Decks & Towers. Pavilion KL. 4,119. Islamic Arts Museum Malaysia. 3,498.More items

Where can I go on a date in KL?

First Date Problems in Kuala LumpurHike up Bukit Nanas and walk on a canopy in the middle of the city. Go For A Breakfast Date. Stroll On The City Roads In KL During Car Free Morning. Learn to build terrariums together at Ohsum Mossum. Experience the spectacular sunset on a helipad at Heli Lounge Bar.More items •Sep 23, 2016

What can I do with my boyfriend this weekend?

77 Cute Things To Do on the Weekend with Your Boyfriend This FallCozy Up to a Campfire. Enjoy an evening of tantalizing flames in the backyard or out in nature. Find Some Fireworks. Go Camping. Head Out Hiking. Random Road Trip. Lace Up Bowling Shoes. Be an Arcade Junkie. Local Fair or Festival.More items

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