Question: Is there a Japanese Agency for marriage matching?

Omiai dating and marriage matching principles are used by Japanese marriage agencies to bring tens of thousands of couples together every year. Omiai systems accounted for 5.2% of marriages in 2010, and 6.4% of marriages in 2015, a 23% increase in Omiai service use. Omiai popularity is growing.

What is an Omiai in Japan?

Miai (見合い, matchmaking, literally look meet), or omiai (お見合い) as it is properly known in Japan with its honorific o in place, is a Japanese traditional custom which relates closely to western matchmaking, in which a woman and a man are introduced to each other to consider the possibility of marriage.

Can you marry a Japanese woman?

As an alternative, you can clarify that you are of a marital age in your home country and there is no legal barrier to marrying a Japanese national. This may come from a consular official of your own country, in Japan. You may submit a written oath that has the consular officials signature instead of the certificate.

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