Question: Should you wear your hair up or down for a first date?

Wearing your hair down to look your best on a 1st date. Give an air of freedom to your hair by wearing it down. This will give you a natural look, whilst still looking incredibly sophisticated. Depending on your mood that day: straighten you hair for a poker straight effect .

Should you shave before a first date?

Unless you are a card carrying member of the beard gang, your first date should always be clean shaven. The first date is an incredibly primal time of courtship, and proving your worth means showing her youre willing to do the distance.

Is stubble OK for a date?

Just a tip though: a stubble, in order to be deadly effective in charming your date for the night, should be well-trimmed. The proper stubble would be no more than two or three fingers width of hair underneath the jawline and an absolutely clean neck from the Adams apple down.

How do you put half your hair up?

7:1012:34EASY Half Up Half Down Hairstyles!! | How To do half - YouTubeYouTube

How do you wear your hair up without it hurting?

7 Ways to Stop Your Ponytail Damaging Your HairNever tie your hair up when its wet. Use a serum on your hair before putting it into a pony. Give your hair a break with different styles. Wear your hair down to sleep. Use fabric hair ties. Dont pull the hairline too tightly. Be careful when taking your hair down.Apr 30, 2017

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