Question: Who is Vegetas girlfriend?

Does Vegeta have a girlfriend?

Vegeta and Bulma are the most popular canon couple in the Dragon Ball franchise.

Who is Vegeta love interest?

Bulma During the seven years of peace that followed, Bulma truely fell in love with Vegeta, who secretly reciprocated her feelings but felt ashamed for giving up his former warrior lifestyle for his family.

Does Bulma hate Goku?

For one thing, Bulma was originally conceptualized as a love-interest for Goku once he became older. In fact, Toriyama has come out and stated that Yamcha is his least favorite character, therefore, Bulma actually made him relevant when she dated him.

Is Chichi hated?

Ahh, poor Chi-Chi. Chi-Chi gets a lot hate in the Dragon Ball community for being an overbearing, irrational and nagging hag. While some of this criticism is justified, Chi-Chi has seen and been through a lot of awful things over the course of her life.

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