Question: How do you go invisible on Oasis?

The only way to make these invisible to other members is to make your profile private.

What does grey dot mean on Oasis?

2 answers. Leonie Bates 2 years ago. It usually means he has deleted you.

Is Oasis dating sites closing?

Not the best site and glad it is now closed to new members. I am now glad is is closing down as from end of October 2020.

What has replaced oasis dating?

The best alternative is OkCupid, which is free. Other great apps like Oasis Active are Alovoa (Free, Open Source), Tinder (Freemium), Feeld (Freemium) and Facechat (Free).

What replaced Oasis Active?

The best alternative is Alovoa, which is both free and Open Source. Other great apps like Oasis Active are OkCupid (Freemium), Tinder (Freemium), Feeld (Freemium) and Facechat (Free).

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