Question: Who owns trademe in New Zealand?

How much is Sam Morgan worth?

Sam Morgan received $227 million (excluding future bonuses), making him one of the richest people in New Zealand overnight.

Who founded Trade Me?

Sam Morgan Trade Me/Founders

Where was Trade Me founded?

1999 Trade Me/Founded

How did Sam Morgan make Trade Me?

The story goes that a young computer consultant named Sam Morgan started Trade Me after a frustrating experience buying a heater for his chilly Wellington flat. Sam was fed up with other websites that didnt cater well to Kiwis, and he reckoned he could offer something better.

How much is trademe worth?

Trade Me now worth $1.62 billion – and Sams okay with that. A new Morgan Stanley assessment, based on the value of comparable companies, says Trade Me is now worth between $A1 billion ($NZ1. 24 billion) and $A1.

What is trademe NZ?

Trade Me is New Zealands largest online auction and classifieds website. Managed by Trade Me Ltd., the site was founded in 1999 by New Zealand entrepreneur Sam Morgan, who sold it to Fairfax in 2006 for NZ$700 million. Trade Me shares many features with other online auction websites, such as eBay.

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