Question: Who is Jessica with now?

She revealed her new relationship over the Fourth of July weekend in 2020, five months after Love is Blind dropped, but she later revealed theyd been “hiding out in quarantine together.” Her new boyfriend is a doctor named Dr Benjamin McGrath, whos a foot and ankle surgeon.

Who is Jessica battens new boyfriend?

Benjamin McGrath Jessicas new boyfriend is Benjamin McGrath, a California-based foot and ankle surgeon.

Is Jessica single?

Love Is Blind star Jessica Battens boyfriend shows that she found love after all—and with a hot doctor, nonetheless. Jessica was a contestant on season 1 of Love Is Blind in 2020, where she met and got engaged to his now-ex-fiance, Mark Cuevas.

Who is Jessica in love with?

As explained on the new three-episode special Love Is Blind: After the Altar, Batten started dating her now-boyfriend after the show aired. But while Batten seems very happy with her relationship in the recently released episodes, her boyfriend, Dr. Benjamin McGrath, did not join her for filming.

Is Mark and Jessica still together?

During the Netflix dating series, Mark and Jessica got engaged but broke up when she dramatically left him at the altar during the shows finale. After production wrapped, Mark began dating LC, but the two broke up last June.

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