Question: What does passions mean on tinder?

The Interests feature (also known as Passions in some locations) allows you to select your favorite pastimes and share them on your profile. Interests are a great way to connect with potential matches and get the conversation started.

How does passions work on Tinder?

Tinder has introduced a new way to express yourself on the dating app. Its called Passions. This feature can be added by editing your profile and helps users share more about themselves. You are allowed to pick a maximum of five Passions and a minimum of three Passions that get added to your profile.

When did passions become a thing on Tinder?

Tinder first introduced Passions in the summer 2020 to offer members a new way to share more about themselves. Members can add up to five Passions to their profile, creating a better matching experience by connecting over common Passions.

What should you not say on Tinder profile?

24 things guys should never do on TinderSelfies. Do you have no friends to take pictures of you or with you? Pictures with babies. Pictures with hot girls. Pictures with girls full stop. Pictures at weddings. Pictures with celebrities. Messaging us just saying hi. Group pictures.More items •Aug 3, 2015

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