Question: Is Paktor Hokkien or Cantonese?

Mr Wongs Hokkien Word of the Day – Paktor (meaning dating)

What is Paktor Hokkien?

Paktor is helping more people find the love of their lives with a focus on Southeast Asia. Paktor means dating in Hokkien and is, in effect, the Tinder for much of Asia. It allows singles to anonymously “like” each other with a simple swipe of the finger (swiping right indicates interest and left indicates otherwise).

What Language is Paktor?

The word Paktor originates from the Cantonese word for dating (Chinese character 拍拖) .Paktor.Developer(s)Paktor Pte LtdWebsitegopaktor.com3 more rows

Who owns Paktor?

Kollective Ventures Paktor was acquired by Kollective Ventures on May 21, 2020 .

What does Bo Liao mean?

bo(h) liao – (From Hokkien/Teochew 無聊/无聊 bô-liâu, lit. boredom; Mandarin: wúliáo) A slang expression to describe being in a situation of idleness. Also used to describe an act of doing something silly.

Is Liao a Chinese?

Liao (Chinese: 廖) is a Chinese surname, most commonly found in Taiwan and Southern China. Statistics show it is among the 100 most common surnames in mainland China; figures from the Ministry of Public Security showed it to be the 61st most common surname, shared by around 4.2 million Chinese citizens.

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