Question: Which US Virgin island has the best nightlife?

About St. St. Thomas has the best nightlife in the Virgin Islands! Many bars and clubs play a mixture of popular Caribbean music and American hits. In Havensight has many bars and restaurants, often with all kinds of music playing, live bands, TVs for watching sports, pool tables.

Where is the party in the Virgin Islands?

As far as nightlife is concerned, visitors should look into four key areas on the island: Charlotte Amalie (the islands capital and largest city); the neighboring Frenchtown (renowned for its dining scene); Red Hook (known for its block-style parties); and Havensight (plentiful live music).

Is US Virgin Islands a party place?

Partying is paramount in the Virgin Islands. And what the islands may lack in diversity of nightlife, they make up for in quantity.

St. Thomas Popular with cruise ships, St. Thomas is the busiest and most commercialized of the three islands. It also has a reputation for being more upscale, with plenty of duty-free shopping, high-end dining, and golf.

What language do they speak in St. Thomas?

English The official and most widely spoken language in the Virgin Islands is English. The literacy rate in the Virgin Islands is around 90-95%. It is common to hear French Creole and Spanish spoken, particularly on St. Thomas and St.

How long is the ferry ride from St Croix to St Thomas?

around 6 hours The boat departs back from St Croix to St Thomas again at 4.00 PM, giving you around 6 hours to enjoy the island.

What money is used in St. Thomas?

The U.S. dollar KNOW- In St. Thomas, The U.S. dollar is the only currency accepted. Credit cards are not accepted at all venues, so plan to carry cash.

Is St Thomas or St. Croix better?

Both destinations offer guests the chance to enjoy tropical sunshine, immaculate beaches, crystal-clear Caribbean waters, and distinct West Caribbean cuisine. But Saint Thomas is better suited to those looking for an affordable island getaway while St. Croix is perfect for families and adventurers.

Is the island of St. Croix safe?

St Croix has no more of a crime problem than any other tourist destination. That is not to say there is no crime on the island, of course, St. Croix, like anywhere, is not crime free, so just take normal precautions. Almost 100% of the crime is locals against locals.

How long is the ferry ride from St Thomas to St John?

approximately 15 minutes Ferry time is approximately 15 minutes.

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