Question: What makes an INTJ happy?

Freedom. Whether it be in the workplace or with relationships, INTJs do not like to be tied down. INTJs are most happy when theyre given the freedom to do what they please. When it comes to romantic partners, they also need someone whos equally as self-sufficient in order for things to last.

What do INTJ enjoy doing?

INTJs often enjoy some kind of physical activity, usually done by themselves. They might lift weights, run marathons, swim and scuba dive, hike, or some other sporting activity that helps them stay healthy and get out of their heads for a while.

What does an INTJ want?

INTJs need to feel challenged in life or else they become bored and stagnant. They want to constantly keep their minds moving forward and enjoy pushing their own limits. For the INTJ sometimes this challenge comes from debating with a person who can bring up unique and intelligent ideas for discussion.

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