Question: Where do the rich live in Montreal?

Where do rich people go in Montreal?

Bars That Are Cool For Finding Rich Men in Montreal, QCCloakroom Bar. 140. Cocktail Bars. $$$Ville-Marie. Atwater Cocktail Club. Cocktail Bars. $$Sud-Ouest. KINKA IZAKAYA MONTREAL. 333. Japanese. Brouepub - Dieu du Ciel! 451. Bars. SuWu. 126. Lounges. Onoir. 105. Desserts. Vargas. Steakhouses. Sushi Bars. La Sala Rosa. Music Venues. Spanish.More items

Who are the rich people in Montreal?

The 10 Richest People In MontrealLino Saputo.The Desmarais Family.The Azrieli Family.Jean Coutu.The Bombardier Family.Larry Rossy.Guy LalibertéRobert Miller.More items •Jun 18, 2018

How many millionaires are there in Montreal?

Heres a breakdown of which Canadian cities hold the most millionaires: Toronto: (118,000) Montreal (52,000)

Is it safe to live in downtown Montreal?

Montreal is a relatively safe place to live in. But like any major city in the world, it does have its fair share of crime. The City of Montreal has even launched a handy open data map where residents can check what crimes happen in Montreals neighborhoods.

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