Question: Why do girls regret one-night stands?

The physical attraction got you both engaged for a few more meetings and you cant go back. You feel shame and guilt after a one-night stand. This is the reason women regret one-night stands often because it does not end with one night.

Is it normal to feel bad after a one-night stand?

Whether you feel sad, confused, or even empowered, its very common to have many emotions after a one night stand. While some find engaging in casual sex to be fun and exciting, others find that it may not be great for their emotional health.

What should I say after a one night stand?

You were so impressive last night. Ill give you a standing ovation if you do it again. Not only does this tell your one-night stand just how great of a time you had, but it also gives them a flirtatious promise, which could give them yet another reason to want to do it again. We should do that again.

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