Question: Why did Bella go back to Edward after New Moon?

When everything seemed to go well in their relationship, New Moon happened and Bellas world came crashing down: after an incident at her 18th birthday celebration, where Jasper (Jackson Rathbone) tried to attack her after she got a paper cut, Edward broke up with Bella as he felt he (and his family) were putting her

Why does Bella save Edward in New Moon?

Alice and Bella travel to Italy to save Edward, arriving in time to prevent him from revealing himself as a vampire. Edward, relieved that Bella is alive, explains that he only left Forks to protect her and promises never to leave again.

Why does Edward return in New Moon?

Expert Answers Meg Eubank, M.A. Edward reappears in New Moon , when there is a misunderstanding that prompts him to want to confront the Volturi to end his own existence. Alice sees a vision in which Edward commits suicide, which prompts her and Bella to go find him in Italy.

How long did Bella wait for Edward in New Moon?

3 nights Bella quickly realizes he has done so and calls him on it, but attends in spite of this fact. After Bellas birthday Edward waits 3 nights before he leaves. He leaves the next day in the movie.

What does Edward say to Bella at the end of New Moon?

Edward Cullen : Bella, you give me everything by just breathing. Edward Cullen : [Bella and Edward are discussing when Bella will be changed, Edward is speaking to Bella] I just have one condition if you want me to do it myself. Bella Swan : Whats the condition?

Why does Lauren hate Bella?

Jessica attributed Laurens dislike of Bella to Tylers keen interest in her (TW8). Lauren tried her best at every opportunity to put down or provoke Bella, even when she deliberately mentioned Edwards absence at the La Push party, knowing that Bella and Edward were seeing each other.

Why did Bella slap Paul?

He is later seen with the pack as they are confronted by Bella outside Jacobs house. He, along with Jared, laugh at her accusation of Jacob being afraid of Sam and his pack. Angered by this, Bella slaps Paul, causing him to lose control and phase into his wolf form.

Who has a crush on Bella Swan?

Mike Newton on Edward Cullen to Bella Swan. Mike first meets Bella Swan on her first day of school in Twilight, and takes an immediate romantic liking on her.

Who almost hit Bella with the van?

Tyler Crowley Tyler Crowley is a semi-popular graduate student of Forks High School. He plays a major role in Bella Swans realization about Edward Cullens identity as a vampire; Tyler almost kills Bella with his van when it drove across an icy parking lot, and Edward comes in front of the car to save her.

Why did Bella break her hand?

In the movie, her hair is black. Edward is calm and only slightly glances at Jacob when Bella breaks her hand punching Jacob after kissing her. Edward is furious and threatening Jacob, and Charlie comes to calm them down. In the book, Bella wants Edward to hurt Jacob for kissing her and making her break her hand.

Who did Seth imprint on?

Renesmees birth resolves the feud between the two packs as Jacob imprints on her, but Seth leaps between Bella and Jacob when the newborn Bella attacks Jacob upon discovering that he imprinted on Renesmee and nicknamed her Nessie.

Does Jacob fall in love Bellas daughter?

Although Bella doesnt really understand why it had to be her child Jacob imprinted on, if anything, it proves that his connection to Bella was meant for something greater. They just didnt know it yet! Fans know, in the end, Jacob and Renesmee do live happily ever after together, along with Edward and Bella.

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