Question: Can you have 2 Tinder accounts?

You can use multiple versions of Tinder simultaneously; just set each version up with a different Tinder account. The paid app, Parallel Space, offers a simple way of cloning Tinder and any other app that you want more than one version of – it works especially well for social media apps.

Can you have 2 Tinder accounts on same phone?

Now, you can have two Tinder profiles open at the same time. Parallel Space is an official app that clones your apps. It can be used to clone Tinder, and you get a free three-day trial to see how it works. When the new Tinder icon shows up on your home screen, its done, and you can sign into to two Tinder accounts.

How do I switch accounts on Tinder?

Your name and age are the only pieces of your profile you cant change after creating an account. If you need to update one or both, you do have the option to delete your account and start over.

Can you make a Tinder without a phone number?

Unfortunately, you cannot create a Tinder account without a phone number. Recently, Tinder has changed its policy and made it mandatory for everyone to use their phone number. But you can use the online free virtual phone number to receive verification SMS without a phone and create a Tinder account easily.

How do you get a second number on Tinder?

How to Get a Burner Number for TinderGet a Second Phone Number. Download Private Line from AppStore, Google Play or its official website and install it on your device. Register a New Tinder Account with Your Burner Number. Open Tinder and tap the “CREATE ACCOUNT” button. Talk with Strangers with Your New Tinder Account.5 Mar 2021

Can I delete my Tinder and make a new one?

From Tinders “Settings” screen, scroll the very bottom of the menu options and tap “Delete Account” Tap “Delete My Account” and confirm the action. Open Tinder and create your new account. Youll need a new phone number to sign up, unless you wait 3 months in between deleting your Tinder and creating a new one.

How do I fix my age on Tinder?

Scroll down and tap the About section of your profile, located next to Photos and Friends. From here, select More about you to update your birthday information. Scroll down to Basic Info and tap Edit. This will allow you to update your birthday, gender, religious and political views.

How do I change my age on Tinder 2021?

Change age range on Tinder You can change your age range by going to Settings, scroll down to Age Range and use the slider to set the desired age range.

Why dont I get a Tinder code?

Trouble with SMS verification Dont see the verification text? Sometimes there are delays in delivery, so the best thing to do is wait a few hours before trying again. Make sure you have cellular data enabled and a strong network connection.

What happens if I delete my Tinder account and make a new one?

Deleting then immediately recreating your account can get you shadowbanned, because Tinder sees it as suspicious behavior – you know, something a bot would do. Youll need to create your new Tinder account with a different phone number and Facebook, unless you wait longer than the 3-month data-retention period.

Why is Tinder age wrong?

If this started out of the blue, double-check that your search preferences are set to your liking. If everything looks good there, try logging out and logging back in to Tinder.

Why do some Tinder profiles not show age?

The age change wont show up unless you either hide or delete your Tinder account. Some users have reported that the age update works by simply pausing your Tinder account, but according to Tinders main help guidelines, its best to delete your old account and start over via Facebook again.

How do you hide age on Tinder?

How to hide your age on TinderOpen up the app and tap Edit info in your profile settings.Scroll down to the Control Your Profile part.Toggle the Dont Show My Age” on.4 Jul 2020

What happens to your account when Tinder bans you?

If youve been banned from Tinder, youll see a message letting you know when you try to log in. We ban accounts when we detect account activity that violates our Terms of Use or Community Guidelines. If youve been banned, you wont be able to sign up for Tinder again using your Facebook account and/or phone number.

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