Question: Is it OK to lower your standards?

Lowering your standards wont attract the kind of partner you want, it will attract people who are looking for an easy time, without having to put up the effort to improve themselves up to a point where they can successfully aim higher. Lastly, your standards should be something you set for yourself out of self-love.

Why should you never lower your standards?

Expect to be treated less than you deserve from a man who doesnt match your standards. Lowering your standard is equivalent to settling, and you know just how much that is a bad idea. It wont take long before you realise that youre wasting your time with someone who doesnt even come close to being the perfect guy.

Should you lower your standards in dating?

While it may help you settle into a relationship faster, lowering your love standards isnt a recipe for long-term happiness. In fact, it can have the opposite effect and make your dating track record worse.

Should you lower your standards or maintain your ideals?

If you usually have high standards, you would tend to expect more rewards and fewer costs from your relationships, and you wont be satisfied unless your relationships deliver increased rewards and fewer costs. However, lower standards may encourage some partners to stay in very unrewarding relationships.

What is it called when you lower your standards?

slumpy adj. undesirable, at much lower standards than expected.

How do you never lower your standards?

Never lower your standards for those who dont want to raise theirs. Set your standards sky high and aim for the top. Stop wasting time with people who have no ambition, no goals, no plans, no drive, no determination, and take no action. The people who you spend the most time with you will become like them.

What does having high standards mean?

Having high standards also means having new, creative ideas, which is a good thing. It focuses those with high standards to complete tasks and projects so they feel theyre making progress in life.

Is it bad to have high standards in life?

Having high standards isnt a bad thing, however, you need to know the effects your actions or behaviours are having on you and others. If you can have a healthy balance between having high standards and being of service to yourself and others, you will create a better quality of life.

What are personal standards?

Personal standards are rules of behavior that you set for yourself. These may help an individual to align their behavior with their views and goals. Personal standards also have a dark side as an excuse for inflexibility, elitism or mediocrity.

How can I lower my dating standards?

How to Get An Amazing Boyfriend by Lowering Your Dating StandardsDont Focus On The Wrong Things.You actually dont need to have that many things in common.If you have a “type” youre doing it wrong.LOOK FOR A LONG BURNING FIRE RATHER THAN A “spark”

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