Question: What is the best app for truck drivers?

What is the best truck driving app?

Read on for some of the top apps for truckers!AllStays Truck & Travel. The AllStays Truck & Travel app has over 35,000 data points so all kinds of helpful information is at your fingertips. Calorie Counter by FatSecret. Cost Per Mile.3 Dec 2018

Is there a truck version of Google Maps?

Can You Set Google Maps for Trucks? The short and sweet answer is no, theres no way to set a trucker mode for Google Maps. This is why you need to make sure youre using a trucking GPS navigation unit designed specifically for truck driving.

Do truck stops have showers?

healthy, fresh-cooked meals in the truck drivers lounge. showers and laundry facilities. 24/7 operation.

How long can you stay in a truck stop shower?

Some establishments offer free showers even if you dont have a reward card. But, you can expect that their facilities are poorly maintained and are often left uncleaned for days. Lastly, most truck stop showers only allow customers for 30-45 minutes.

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