Question: How do you greet someone in Iraq?

The common verbal greeting is “Peace be with you” in Arabic (“Asalaamu alaikum”). The appropriate response returns the well-wishing: “Wa alaikum salaam” meaning “and peace be unto you”. Use a persons first name and title when greeting them unless they permit you to move onto a casual naming basis.

How do you greet in Iraq?

The standard Arabic/Islamic greeting is asalaamu alaikum (peace be with you), to which the response is wa alaikum salaam (and peace be unto you). Good friends of the same sex may greet each other with a handshake and a kiss on each cheek, starting with the right.

How do you say good morning in Iraq?

Spoken dialects of Arabic use more vowels than those of formal Arabic .I. Basics.Good morningsabaah ėl-khairصَبَاْحْ الْخيرْ(the) morning of well-being

How do you say welcome in Iraqi?

Just as Italians say “Ciao” for both hello and goodbye, some Arabic salutations are also used to both greet and part, including “ahla w sahla,” which means welcome. To this, Iraqis seem to have added their characteristic hospitality, using the hello to convey an everlasting welcome, Mrs.

How do you say goodbye in Iraq?

2:594:103 Ways to Say Bye in Arabic - YouTubeYouTube

What are the customs of Iraq?

There are many values that are honored in the Iraqi culture, including generosity and humility. Men commonly hold hands or kiss when greeting each other, but this is typically not the case for men and women. Respect is given to the elderly and women, especially those with children.

How do you say sorry in Iraq?

0:000:07Im Sorry - Iraq (M) - Speak Arabic Dialect - YouTubeYouTube

What is so special about Iraq?

Iraq is home diverse ethnic groups and has a very long and rich heritage. The country is known for its poets، architects، painters and sculptors who are among the best in the region, some of them being world-class. Iraq is known for producing fine handicrafts, including rugs and carpets among many other things.

How do you say Im sorry in Egyptian?

ana aasef giddan. As we learned at the beginning of this lesson, ana aasef means “Im sorry”. Adding the word giddan, which means “so” or “very”, emphasizes the apology.

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