Question: Why did Spencer and Louise break up?

The series included the end of Spencer and Louises relationship after the revelation that Spencer cheated, then both of their attempts to move on as Louise begins a new romance with Andy, and Spencer tries his luck with Lucy.

What happened to Louise and Spencer?

Theirs was one of the most explosive relationships in the history of. But having called time once and for all on things a few years ago, Louise Thompson and Spencer Matthews have moved on. So much so that Spencer is now married to model Vogue Williams, with a baby due in September.

Did Louise cheat on Andy with Spencer?

Made In Chelseas Louise Thompson is forced to admit she slept with well-known boy-band member but denies she cheated on Andy Jordan in the process. And on Monday evenings episode of Made In Chelsea Louise Thompson was forced to admit that she had slept with that guy soon after her split from Andy.

Did Louise go out with Spencer?

Louise admitted that things have always been amicable between her and Spencer since the dust settled on the split but that they dont really have a relationship anymore. Speaking after the special moment, Spencer said: Ive known Vogue was The One for a long time. Were very happy and in love.

Are Ryan and Louise still together?

Louise Thompson announced her engagement to boyfriend Ryan Libbey exclusively with OK! in August 2018. The former Made in Chelsea star had been dating boyfriend Ryan for two years before he popped the question. Speaking with OK!, Louise details how her boyfriend popped the question in style.

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