Question: How to become an expat in Hong Kong?

How do I become an expat in Hong Kong?

What are the requirements to work in Hong Kong? Youll need to get an employment visa to live and work as an expat in Hong Kong. One strategy that you can use to get your visa involves asking your employer to transfer you to their office in Hong Kong, while helping you with your visa.

Can I just move to Hong Kong?

Although it depends on the passport you hold, most people are allowed to land and stay here as a visa-free visitor for seven to 180 days. Working visa: Unless you have a Hong Kong “Right of Abode” or “Right to Land”, you will need a visa to work in Hong Kong. Expect the visa process to take about six to eight weeks.

Is it hard to move to Hong Kong?

Hong Kong is a highly international place, which makes the process of moving there somewhat easy. The procedures are well-defined, bureaucracy minimal, and English is widely spoken. However, a good knowledge of customs regulations will simplify the relocation process even more.

Is it hard to immigrate to Hong Kong?

Immigration to Hong Kong is not that difficult as their Immigration Policies are crafted in the unique way that attracts thousands of Immigrants. You can immigrate there without any advance offer of local employment. Check out the benefits and requirements to attain the visa.

How much does a house in Hong Kong cost?

According to property firm CBREs Global Living 2020 report, the average price of a home in Hong Kong is more than HK$10 million (US$1.3m/£930k). A shortage of housing and the huge demand for properties have driven up prices to new levels of unaffordability.

How much does a Hong Kong work visa cost?

Issuance of the self-employment visa costs as much as a business visa, 230 HKD (30 USD).

Can foreigners live in Hong Kong?

Hong Kong has a long history of welcoming expats and foreign workers into its rich cultural heritage. Popular job opportunities for expats can be seen within the financial sector, where local expertise is limited.

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