Question: Do you vacuum a pool on backwash or filter?

Remember to vacuum your pool whenever you start to notice debris such as dirt and leaves accumulating at the bottom of the pool. Its also a good idea to vacuum your pool every time you backwash the filter.

Can you vacuum backwash?

Do you vacuum a pool on backwash or waste? Yes, you can. But itll be nonsense because the water would be pumped back through the filter. Itll screen much dirt before passing out through the backwash hose.

Is it better to run pool pump at night or day?

Its always best to run the pool pump during the hottest times of the day. The sun is one of the causes of chlorine depletion in your pool. If you run your pump during the night, then the sun has all day to attack the chlorine thats standing still in your pool. That can cause algae fast!

How do you get sediment out of bottom of pool without vacuum?

To remove these items, use a leaf rake to gather them into a pile on the bottom of your pool and then remove the debris pile by hand. A plastic rake is best for this task as it wont scratch the surface of the pool.

How long do you rinse after backwash?

Turn the lever to RINSE, start the pump and rinse for about 15-30 seconds. Stop the pump and turn the lever to FILTER. This is the normal operating position. Close the drain outlet valve and start the pump.

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