Question: Can you vent a pellet stove into an existing chimney?

A: You can vent a pellet stove either through a wall or through an existing masonry chimney. Some chimneys also require the installation of an approved metal liner that the pellet stove vent pipe passes through.

Do you have to line a chimney for a pellet stove?

Yes, you need to line an existing brick chimney, or just avoid it or go right out through it. This is for a couple of reasons - mostly that the existing flue is too cold and too large. It will be difficult for the pellet stove to push against all that cold air.

What kind of chimney do I need for a pellet stove?

masonry chimney Todays wood stoves are highly efficient appliances and use up to ½ less wood than older versions to produce the same amount of heat. A chimney is required so you can either vent the stove into a masonry chimney or have an insulated stainless steel chimney pipe installed.

Can you use a pellet stove chimney for a wood stove?

Pellet Vent is intended for pellet burning stoves and is not listed to be used with firewood. Therefore, this is not a viable option for mini wood stoves that commonly reach temperatures of 400 - 800 degrees Fahrenheit. Its important to note that during any installation the manufacturers manual should be abided by.

How often should a pellet stove chimney be cleaned?

As such, it is recommended, even with a pellet stove, that your pellet stove chimney in Savage is swept annually. Pellet stoves can be great additions to your home and help significantly with home heating. But like any other combustion stove, the chimney needs to be cleaned annually.

Are pellet stoves zero clearance?

A pellet stove insert creates an efficient and contained heating system, all within your old masonry or zero clearance fireplace.

How do pellet stove inserts work?

Heres how a pellet stove works: You pour pellets into the storage hopper located at the top. An electric auger delivers the pellets from the hopper to the burn chamber. Theres also a convection blower that draws room air into the stove and blows heated air into the room through a series of heat-exchange tubes.

Do all pellet stoves need fresh air intake?

Not all pellet stoves require an external fresh air intake vent but may be required depending on local building codes and regulations, and many manufacturers recommend venting fresh air externally for pellet stoves.

Can you convert wood stove to pellet?

Made of compressed sawdust, they burn cleaner than traditional firewood. Burning pellets used to require a pellet stove, but New Hampshire-based Energex has created an add-on product, called Prometheus, that allows homeowners to convert any fireplace or wood-burning stove to pellets.

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