Question: What does the Microsoft phone app do?

Your Phone is an app developed by Microsoft for Windows 10 for connecting Android to Windows 10 devices. It enables a Windows PC to access the 2000 most recent photos on a connected phone, send SMS messages, and make phone calls.

How do you use the Microsoft phone app?

1:463:00How to use the Microsoft Your Phone app on your Galaxy smartphoneYouTubeStart of suggested clipEnd of suggested clipClick on calls to make phone calls and access your call history your phone and pc will be paired viaMoreClick on calls to make phone calls and access your call history your phone and pc will be paired via bluetooth.

Is Microsoft My Phone app safe?

Because of this technique, Microsoft will be in full compliance with the new European Union General Data Protection Regulation (GPDR) out the gate. Your Phone only retrieves the last month of text messages and the most recent 25 photos, but it is not an exhaustive system to mirror your phones entire contents.

Is your phone app good?

Android Users Get the Best Integration The Your Phone app is a powerful and often overlooked part of Windows 10. If youre an Android user, you can use it to text right from your PC, see all your phones notifications, and quickly transfer photos.

Is it safe to connect your phone to your computer?

If you have smartphone-malware on your smartphone, its not going to impact Windows. Smartphones run a completely different, incompatible operating system than Windows, in the form of Android, iOS or others. Even if the malware could run, it would fail miserably.

What happens when you plug your phone into your computer?

According to researchers at Kaspersky Lab, plugging your iPhone or Android smartphone into a computer results in a whole load of data being exchanged between the two devices.

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