Question: Why did the dad leave 8 Simple Rules?

Paul Hennessy (Portrayed by John Ritter from 2002-2003) is Cates husband and father of Bridget, Kerry and Rory. Paul collapsed and died while at the store while buying milk. This was probably because of an aortic dissection (and because of the real-life death of John Ritter).

What did John Ritter The actor died from?

September 11, 2003 John Ritter/Date of death

Did Janet from Threes Company died?

Suzanne Somers, who played Chrissy, and Joyce DeWitt, who played Janet, realized they had siblings who both died of heart issues. Both actors sat down in a 2012 interview during a “Threes Company” reunion show on Somers Internet show, “Breaking Through.”

What happened to Janet from 3s company?

Threes Company came rather quickly in Joyces career and after it concluded, she stepped away from acting and traveled the world before settling in New Mexico. Now returned, shes taken to the stage with rare appearances on the screen. Outside of acting, In 2009, DeWitt was arrested for drunken driving in California.

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