Question: What does it mean to stay current?

current Add to list Share. Expressions like staying current or keeping up with current events show a need or desire to know whats popular, important, or relevant now.

What is another word for stay current?

What is another word for stay current?followbe in the knowbe well-informedkeep abreast ofkeep up onkeep up to date

How do you use stay current in a sentence?

They stay current on annual physicals and take their medications as prescribed. Numerous Web sites have popped up to help local lesbians and travelers stay current. They should allow the engineer or scientist to stay current in the field, Mr. Connolly said.

What word is current?

adjective. cur·​rent | / ˈkər-ənt , ˈkə-rənt / Essential Meaning of current. 1 : happening or existing now : belonging to or existing in the present time the current month the magazines current issue See More Examples.

What is the noun of current?

current noun [C] (FLOW) a movement of water, air, or electricity in a particular direction: to swim against/with the current.

How do you stay current?

Always Stay Up-to-Date with Current Events with These Five TipsSubscribe to traditional news sources using your mobile phone. Listen to Podcasts. Download a news aggregator. Use social media in the right way. Use a Virtual Private Network (VPN). Stay updated with Hotspot Shield VPN.

How do you stay current with technology?

Here are 13 ways you can stay current with technology trends:Join a professional organization. Find a mentor. Attend industry conferences and tech events. Devote time daily to tech news. Connect with social media. Prioritize learning. Share ideas with your peers. Watch TED talks.More items •22 Mar 2021

What is an example of current?

Current is defined as the movement of water in a specific direction. An example of current is when a river moves towards a waterfall.

How do you use the word current?

[S] [T] Tom is Marys current boyfriend. ( [S] [T] We were rowing against the current. ( [S] [T] Im satisfied with my current income. ( [S] [T] Tom is perfectly satisfied with his current salary. ( [S] [T] Tom suggested that Mary should resign from her current job and find another one. (More items

What must marketers do to stay current?

How to stay on top of marketing trendsKnow the competition. Keep abreast of how your competitors market and sell their products or services. Set up trend alerts. Use a Google Trends alert to watch search interest about certain topics over time. Read industry news. Network often. Get customer feedback.2 May 2019

How do you stay current with changes?

Monitor regulatory agency websites. The most obvious way to stay on top of regulatory changes is to go straight to the source. Follow regulatory agencies on social media. Subscribe to blogs & newsletters. Join industry associations. Attend conferences. Implement compliance software.23 Jul 2019

How do I stay current?

6 Ways to Stay Current in Your Field and AdvanceSubscribe to blogs—and make time to read most of them. Sign up for webinars and teleseminars. Attend conferences and networking opportunities. Keep your eyes peeled for boot camps and exclusive programs. Read the latest books, magazines and industry publications.More items •16 Nov 2010

Which are current liabilities?

Current liabilities are a companys short-term financial obligations that are due within one year or within a normal operating cycle. Examples of current liabilities include accounts payable, short-term debt, dividends, and notes payable as well as income taxes owed.

What is the difference between currant and current?

Currant is a raisin-like fruit that is used in pastries and jams, whereas current is both a noun (often referring to flows of electric, air, and water) and an adjective (occurring in the present moment). The lesser-used courant means “newspaper.”

How do I stay on top of trends?

10 Tips for Staying on Top of TrendsRead voraciously. Read all you can about your industry, your market and the world in general. Get involved in your industry. Network. Keep in touch with your customers. Monitor your business. Study statistics. Observe your competition. Get out of the office.More items

How do you keep on top of marketing trends?

How to stay on top of digital marketing trendsGoogle Alerts. Google Alerts is a service that emails you when it finds newly posted results on a topic that you have flagged. Blogs. Email Newsletters. Social Media. Engage with People. SEO. Network Inside and Outside Your Industry. Keep an Eye on Competitors.

What are three 3 ways we can keep up to date with how technology can support businesses?

Thats a good thing because technology becomes more integrated with every aspect of our lives each day.How Can Manufacturers Keep Up With Technology?Embrace Web Content.Follow Industry Social Media Accounts.Diversify The Content You Engage With.Make Time For Online Training.Attend Virtual Events And Webinars.More items •1 May 2020

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