Question: Should I hook up with my best friends ex girlfriend?

Tempting as it might be to hook up with a friends ex, it is generally a bad decision, Denise Limongello, psychotherapist, tells Elite Daily. Plain and simple, Limongello advises against getting it on with a friends ex. Obviously, it wont always be as simple as not doing it, but definitely try your best to refrain.

Can ex partners be friends?

Theres nothing wrong with remaining friends with an ex under certain circumstances, Jonathan Bennett, a certified counselor and dating expert, tells Bustle. In fact, considering that many breakups are filled with drama and discord, remaining on friendly terms can be a sign of maturity in your partner.

Can you still be friends with a friends ex?

Its okay to remain friends with your friends ex if it doesnt bother your friend. If youre not sure how your friend feels about you having social contact with their ex, its important to communicate honestly and openly about it to avoid hurt feelings. Firstly, talk to your friend, recommends Winter.

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